Samson and Delilah

I have two new foster cats – and they are from Queens, New York! Yes, I live in Maine. I have this thing where I hear about something and I can’t help but help. Samson and Delilah (formerly My Son and Manicure) lived with an older lady in Queens. She left this world, and the cats were left with her daughter threatening to throw them out on the street. Need I say there were twelve? I follow various cat rescues on Instagram, and @the_crazy_cat_fam wrote, terrified she wouldn’t be able to take care of the cats. I offered to take a foster.

It was a while before I heard back from her. She and her rescue partner, @catcastlenyc, were conferring. How weird was I? If they had a good feeling about me, could they trust it? Meanwhile the cats got shots and spay/neuter. By the time I stopped expecting to foster, I got a chat on Instagram asking if I would want to foster 2 cats.

Delilah has a fused right elbow. That means it looks like she is holding her right paw up all the time. She also has a VERY demanding meow.

Samson, once he arrived at my house, was discovered to have serious dental and periodontal disease. I sponsored a full dental for him–he has one snaggletooth left where there was too little bone in the jaw to safely take it out. We have a fundraiser going!

It’s been over three weeks since I’ve had them but my excuse for not writing remains, besides my regular job, that the cats always walk on the laptop and demand attention. Here are some photos: 1) Samson and 2) Delilah.





This is my blog to tell stories, don’t feel you have to contribute to the fundraiser. If there is anybody who wants to, though, I won’t keep the link from you: 2 of the 12 cats fundraiser .

If anyone wants to follow my household on Instagram, I’m @fourkittysmom.

Kitty-Kitter Needs Affection

Kitty-Kitter wouldn’t let me look at my Criminal Law “law keys” as I study again for the bar exam. It’s far from now and I’m just flipping through, no panic yet. But I was trying to do it as I sat on the bed and stroked her (drooling happily) face. I was flipping little pieces of cardboard with my left hand and staring down to the left while I petted with my right. She insisted on walking in front of me. Then she walked so I couldn’t see the keys. Then she stepped on them.

Girl, you know what’s up! You want petting with two hands and my focus on you!

I do apologize for the cat food crumbs you may see.

Here she is with her tongue a little out:

Kitty-Kitter 5 law keys

Here she is on top of the law keys:

Kitty-Kitter 6 law keys

By the way, I was not reading A Civil Action–book, upper right. I’ve had that book for years. I had been carrying the book around last night. Kitty-Kitter and Wave were expressing that they wanted me to open up the bedroom door, so I did, but held onto the book to drop it and startle the cats away from each other if they looked like they were going to get into a confrontation. I walked around following cats when I really wanted to lie down. Nonetheless, it all ended well and Kitty-Kitter went back to her bedroom more satisfied to be in there.


Why do Cindy and Wave, her nemesis, have the ability to eat next to each other, but then it’s cat attack central all night long?

Wave and Cindy

Left: Cindy. Right: Wave. To explain a couple things in this picture…yes, there is a tissue on their cat mat. Apologies. Thankfully they are eating food instead of playing with the tissue and eating that instead, which I have seen start to happen in the past. I swear I’m cleaning it up right now! This is mat #2, which is in the living room. I have some files and computer equipment near it. The toothbrush head showing to the left is another failed Shy Cindy experiment….toothbrush taped to a back scratcher to pet her. This was from way back when she wouldn’t allow herself to be touched. Now it just sort of drifts around the living room floor and I can pet her on my own. Progress, in a way! I should probably dismantle it.

Broken Tail Rescue has asked another foster person today if she can take Cindy. I will be heading to Massachusetts on Friday and could take her. I haven’t heard, but will wait and see.

Kitty-Kitter is Felv/FIV Negative!

The vet came on Thursday–shout-out to–and it only took one day for Kitty-Kitter’s result from her SNAP test. Dr. Weston and the attending tech both were delighted with Kitty-Kitter’s personality. She even let them shave a little bit of belly to see if she had a spay scar (she did).

Now I’ve got the choice to integrate her, but I’m not sure how. I just let her walk around the bedroom, which is attached to her bathroom. Another cat started fretting to get in, and I chickened out; maybe Kitty-Kitter and I both chickened out, because she ran back towards the bathroom and I closed the door.

I got my pet remedy and at first wasn’t sure where to spritz it. I have sprayed some in the favorite cat tower dishes, on the chair, etc.

Cat Playpen and Kitty-Kitter Update

I’m a failure because I’m such a mush. I don’t want to force Cindy into the cat playpen, so she hasn’t set foot in it today as far as I know. I tried to sort of tilt her carrier to make her run into the playpen, but with a foot or so of space between them, so she of course ran to the side of the playpen, then I felt bad for scaring her. I opened up both doors so that the cats can run through, if they want. Maybe that will make them feel more comfortable with it in the end.

Kitty-Kitter had my wonderful vet, Tori Weston, come to visit today. It was just to draw blood for her Felv/FIV test and give her a dewormer and exam. She appears to be around 8 years old. She is spayed, but is not microchipped. The vet and her tech both loved Kitty-Kitter. We get results in a few days because Dr. Weston sends the test out to IDEXX.

Wave has really been ramping up his meeping thing. What I mean by his meeping thing is that when he knows there is another cat in the house and he can’t get to her he goes meeep meeeeeeeep mmeeeeeeeeeeeep mmmeeeeeow!!!! near the location of the other cat. Sleep was at a minimum last night.

Cindy, Pearl

I am at the emergency vet with Pearl because she swallowed a half of a hair tie today. She seems to be doing fine except for the occasional shake of the head but my heart was pounding like mad when I first saw her running around like something was bothering her and she was trying to get rid of it. I nearly fainted. She’s getting an x-ray now.

Cindy did great today and played and plopped down right next to my leg and I was able to pet her back while she lay on her side.

A Sad Tale

Wave latched on and dug his claws into to Cindy not last night, but the night before, and the night before that. She’s been staying in her carrier/safe place more. I had just started seeing real progress.

Last Thursday morning, I woke up and Cindy was staring at me from across the room. On Friday morning, I woke up and she was staring at me, right next to the mattress. On Saturday morning, she meowed and was near the mattress. All three days I played with her and petted her before I went anywhere for the day.

I thought I could make Wave behave by paying more attention to him. Somehow, between housecleaning and following him from the kitchen table to the closed toilet seat–his petting places–he’s not just a calm cat who will sit in your lap–it became a bit of a frenzy and I think encouraged the eventual attacks instead of making them less likely to happen.

I have a bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen and a living room and all the cats–even Cindy–had wanted to have all the space for one reason or another.

Some Progress with Cindy

Cindy has had some progress despite the harassment she got from Wave and Iris. I pet her every day now. I pet her a little in the morning and I pet her and play with her at night. Wave is not as excited about her, thank God, although he follows her to her carrier sometimes. She is still a big fan of sleeping in her carrier and she only fills up about 1/3 of the carrier.

After a worm pill about a month ago, some Revolution and decent food, she is really looking beautiful. Her coat is sleek and shiny. She comes out to hang out with me regardless of Wave being around.

Following is a video which features a lot of Pearl, some of Cindy. You get to see them play around my PJs and then I pet Cindy!