Samson and Delilah – Redux

Samson and Delilah aren’t going anywhere. I “illegally imported cats” into the state, said Tricia, Animal Control here in Bangor, Maine. Only “licensed rescues” are allowed to “import cats” and then adopt them out. So as long as I don’t adopt them out, I’m doing fine. She said she doesn’t “freak out like some people do.” Oh boy. She’s actually super nice. It’s just. That importing cats thing.

I know a reader or two is from the UK, and it must seem very odd, importing from another part of my country.

These two are difficult. Samson has been in the “bedroom/bathroom suite.” He fights with my other male, Wave, if he doesn’t keep his own room. Delilah has had diarrhea for almost six months now. I have tried attacking it several ways and the latest is steroid shots. We’ve done one and it slows the pace but hasn’t changed the poop, yet. Samson shares the same pack of needles and liquid because he has stomatitis, a painful condition where the immune system attacks itself, in the back of his mouth.

Samson is a love, though. He cuddles with me every night. This is a new thing for him and I could see him going through the steps of learning cuddling and actually stepping on a human body. He used to jump over me like I was a polluted quagmire.

Delilah has always loved affection and hogs my lap. This isn’t as good, though. She meows to sit on my lap or get something–attention, food, I know not what–many times each day. She has a meow that is very unpleasant and she uses it often. She doesn’t have her own room and she protects her space, and guards me against the other, read: four, cats.

These cats are challenges but they bring joy. Delilah feels warm and small on my lap. Samson is a nighttime companion. My four “owned” cats continue to put up with it and are cute, too.20191027_21354120191019_094437