Samson and Delilah

I have two new foster cats – and they are from Queens, New York! Yes, I live in Maine. I have this thing where I hear about something and I can’t help but help. Samson and Delilah (formerly My Son and Manicure) lived with an older lady in Queens. She left this world, and the cats were left with her daughter threatening to throw them out on the street. Need I say there were twelve? I follow various cat rescues on Instagram, and @the_crazy_cat_fam wrote, terrified she wouldn’t be able to take care of the cats. I offered to take a foster.

It was a while before I heard back from her. She and her rescue partner, @catcastlenyc, were conferring. How weird was I? If they had a good feeling about me, could they trust it? Meanwhile the cats got shots and spay/neuter. By the time I stopped expecting to foster, I got a chat on Instagram asking if I would want to foster 2 cats.

Delilah has a fused right elbow. That means it looks like she is holding her right paw up all the time. She also has a VERY demanding meow.

Samson, once he arrived at my house, was discovered to have serious dental and periodontal disease. I sponsored a full dental for him–he has one snaggletooth left where there was too little bone in the jaw to safely take it out. We have a fundraiser going!

It’s been over three weeks since I’ve had them but my excuse for not writing remains, besides my regular job, that the cats always walk on the laptop and demand attention. Here are some photos: 1) Samson and 2) Delilah.





This is my blog to tell stories, don’t feel you have to contribute to the fundraiser. If there is anybody who wants to, though, I won’t keep the link from you: 2 of the 12 cats fundraiser .

If anyone wants to follow my household on Instagram, I’m @fourkittysmom.

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