Tummy Rub Tuesday – Noodle

Noodle is a foster fail from a few years ago. She and her litter were brought in to PALS Animal Life Savers at the Salem, Massachusetts PetSmart where I volunteered at the time. They were in a dirty little crate. Teenage girls at the store loved playing with the fluffy females, but Noodle and her brother got less attention. Noodle was a shorthair and her shorthaired tabby brother had had such a bad eye infection his eyes were covered with white. He hid in the back of the crate, unnoticed. We told the girls they would have to adopt, and after our President had a conniption, we did take all four kittens and my friend and I began fostering them.

Noodle always liked to roll over and show her belly. Here she is this year:


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