The New Year and Miss Kitty-Kitter

At home right now I don’t have many fosters, and no fosters at all for any group outside myself. The foster cat, in so many words, is Kitty-Kitter, who has been with me since approximately October 25, 2018.

Miss Kitter, as I sometimes call her, is such a well-behaved cat, mainly happy to stay in her bedroom, which used to be my bedroom. Furniture moving and change is always part of the equation with cat fostering! Instead of my bed, I have a chair in the room that I can sit on where Kitty-Kitter can jump up on my lap. She loves that.

She is shy of others, and I want to be able to give out my information for updates from a future adopter. So she is here in my apartment still. Bangor Humane Society will not let me give my information. I am working with another group too, but want to make one more inquiry with the Humane Society about something called the Adoption Ambassador program. I am so close to just thinking she needs to get adopted out and that I can let her go. Still, on the edge, I hesitate.

Thus, the new year enters quietly, but I hope for lots of love and care for Kitty-Kitter no matter where she stays.

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