Kitty-Kitter is Still Here (and a Digression on Petting)

Kitty-Kitter is cuter than ever. I have gotten her first round of vaccinations and her booster FRVCP vaccination is tomorrow. Her fur is fluffy and soft, although I swear she’s still having scabs erupt from bug bites long ago. First some showed up on her right lower neck, then one right in the middle of her back neck. She hasn’t encountered one of my cats in a long time, so it can’t be fresh from any kind of fight. Yet I got to know her first round of scabs and these weren’t them!

Petting a cat tells you all these things. This is one reason that vets and behaviorists like Pam Johnson-Bennett tell you to touch and examine your cat every day. Just rubbing Kitty-Kitter’s neck and cheek fur and running my hands down her back let me encounter all kinds of historic scabs and bumps. Like a monkey grooming another, I’ve had a perverse satisfaction in helping some of the scabs come off with my fingernail, but there are others that feel weirdly, well, sharp, and I don’t believe she would like me picking at them.

Running your hands over a cat’s paws and under the belly, if permitted, eventually makes it easier to clip claws and to pick the cat up. Placing a finger at each corner of the cat’s mouth, at the gums, will help with cat toothbrushing if kept up! I used to use a little cat toothpaste on Wave’s teeth for a treat. Unlike human toothpaste, this is enzymatic toothpaste. Chicken flavor. I’d smear it on sideways, he’d lick it off. We never got beyond the “that feels weird” phase but my consistency wasn’t the best.

I am really falling in love with Kitty-Kitter. At this time, however, I still think five is too many for my one-bedroom apartment. Must email PAWS Brave Hearts, the small rescue I’d like to check with!

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